Signs an Aries man secretly likes you

If you're a woman with an Aries zodiac sign, and you think that the man in your life is playing hard to get, you may be mistaken. In reality, he could just be shy about his feelings for you. Here are some signs that an Aries man secretly likes you.

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Do you have an Aries man in your life that you’re just not sure about? Do you feel like this person may be interested in you, but he’s just too shy to make a move?

Well, don’t worry, because I’m here to help! In this blog post, I will list all of the signs that an Aries man is secretly into you. So read on and see if your intuition is telling you the truth!

5 common personality traits of an Aries man

Arieses are cardinal signs which make them confident and assertive. They are also Fire signs and tend to be passionate, energetic, and spontaneous.

1. Passionate

Being passionate people, Aries men tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They normally don’t shy away from physical touch and may even be a bit too forward at times.

Passionate people are also great at showing their feelings through body language. For example, an Aries man may stand a little too close to you when he’s talking, or he might touch your arm or shoulder when he laughs.

2. Enthusiastic

Enthusiastic people are often seen as the life of the party. They’re always up for anything and love to have a good time.

So for Aries man, this would mean that they are always down for a date night or an adventure. If you’re dating an Aries man, you can expect to have a lot of fun and excitement in your romantic relationship.

3. Hardworking

In this case, being hardworking means that they are driven and strive to achieve their goals. This is an excellent quality to have in a partner as it can mean that they would be very dedicated in their relationship.

Because of this trait, expect that the Aries man would be very attentive to you and your needs. He is always willing to make extra effort to his woman happy! This can be seen in how he goes out of his way to do things for you or how he is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand.

10 signs that an Aries man secretly likes you

Aries is an obvious sign, and Aries men are usually pretty difficult to decipher, especially when it comes to love. They aren’t that showy of their feelings at first, but don’t worry!

We’ll help you break down this exact barrier. Here are 10 signs that an Aries man secretly likes you! However, remember that it’s different for everybody, and this may not apply to every man.

1. The Aries man will make his feelings very clear

One of the most obvious signs that an Aries man likes you is that he will make his feelings for you very clear. He’s not the type to play games or to send mixed signals. So if he tells you that he likes you, then you can be sure that he really does.

2. They might start teasing you a lot

If an Aries man likes you, he might start teasing you. He’ll do this in a friendly way, of course, but it’s still a telltale sign that he’s interested in you. He’s probably just trying to get your attention and see how you react to his teasing.

You should also watch out for any affectionate gestures that are mixed with this teasing. You never know, he might be giving you subtle hints.

3. They will try their best to impress you

Another sign that an Aries man likes you is that he will try his best to impress you from time to time. He wants to make sure that you notice him and see how great he is. He might even appreciate answering any profound questions you have! After all, an Aries man loves to show off how sophisticated he is.

Related to his sophistication, he might even pay more attention to aesthetics and impress you with that as well. He would start dressing up better for you, take you to pretty places, etc.

So he’ll go out of his way to do things for you or to show off his talents. He might even try to impress you with several jokes! Try to laugh, even if it’s not that funny okay?

4. Their emotional side will start to show

Aries men are usually pretty stoic and don’t show their emotions very often. So if you see him starting to open up to you and share his feelings or start to be expressive of his strong feelings, it’s a sure sign that he likes you. He’s probably feeling comfortable around you and trusts you enough to let his guard down.

He might even start with romantic gestures, that would be a telltale sign that he likes you! Try to keep an open mind when this happens. Don’t forget; he’s just trying to let you know of his true feelings.

5. They become more playful

When an Aries man likes you, he’ll become more playful, maybe even with physical contact. He’ll want to have fun and make you laugh. This is his way of flirting with you and trying to get your attention.

One example of how an Aries man would show his playfulness is by joking around with you. He might make lighthearted comments or poke fun at you in a good-natured way. Another example is if he starts trying to tickle you or wrestle with you. He’s just trying to have some physical fun and get closer to you.

6. An Aries man would always be so excited to talk/spend time with you

If an Aries man likes you, he would always be so excited to talk/spend time with you. He’s probably just really happy to be around you and enjoys your company. He’ll want to find out everything about you and learn all your little quirks.

Due to an Aries having an active nature, they might even present you with an adventurous gesture that would prompt you both to spend loads of time together. An Aries really loves their active life, and they would love it even more to spend it with the one they love.

7. Their jealous sides will come out

Aries men can be quite jealous, especially when it comes to the people they care about. So if you see him getting jealous when you talk to other guys or if he doesn’t like it when you’re not paying attention to him, it’s a sign that he likes you.

He probably just wants your attention and affection all to himself, and he’s feeling a little threatened when he doesn’t have it.

8. The Aries man becomes quite spontaneous

Another sign that an Aries man likes you is if he starts becoming more spontaneous. He might do things on a whim or take you on impromptu dates. He’s just trying to add some excitement to your life and make things more fun.

9. You become their main focus

If an Aries man likes you, then you will become their center of attention. They’ll want to make sure that you’re happy and that you have everything you need. They will be giving you their undivided attention; this may not be 24/7, but when you’re together, his focus will be on you and only you.

They’ll go out of their way to do things for you and make sure that you’re comfortable. You might even get showered with physical affection during this time!

10. You’ll likely feel their presence more often

If an Aries man likes you, then you’ll likely feel their presence more often. They’ll want to be around you as much as possible and make sure that you’re always aware of their presence. One way they might do this is by constantly sending you texts you or calling you just to chat. Another way is by showing up to places where they know you’ll be and making sure that you see them.

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