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Are you a Libra who is looking for love? Whether you are an extroverted Libra or an introverted one, there is a guide for you.

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A Libra is a cardinal sign. Being cardinal signs means that they are highly motivated and active, always on the forefront of new trends and ideas.

Libras are also air signs, they are typically intellectual and cerebral, relying on their intellect for problem-solving instead of emotions. 1

Libra personality traits

1. Social

Libra is a social sign, which means they enjoy being around people and hate being alone. They are often the life of the party, always ready to make new friends and be the center of attention.

2. Cooperative

Libra is a cooperative sign, which means they strive to work well with others. They are skilled communicators and negotiators, able to find common ground and work together toward a shared goal. 2

3. Peaceful

Libra is a peaceful sign, which means they are typically calm and level-headed. They avoid conflict whenever possible and prefer to find diplomatic solutions that everyone can agree on.

4. Forgiving

Libra is a forgiving sign, which means they are quick to forgive and forget. They believe that everyone is worthy of second chances, and they are often willing to give people the benefit of the doubt.

5. Charming

Libra is a charming sign, which means they are often able to charm their way out of difficult situations. They are smooth talkers and know how to flatter and compliment people to get what they want, especially when romance is involved.

6. Self-pity

Libra is a self-pitying sign, which means they often feel sorry for themselves. They tend to wallow in their sorrows and can be quite melodramatic when things don’t go their way.

7. Indecisive

Libra is an indecisive sign, which means they have a hard time making decisions. They often second-guess themselves and are constantly weighing their options before making a choice. 1

8. Non-confrontational

Libra is a non-confrontational sign, which means they avoid conflict at all costs. They would rather sweep their problems under the rug than deal with them head-on.

9. Irresponsible

Libra is an irresponsible sign, which means they often shirk their responsibilities. They would rather have someone else do the work for them or take the blame when things go wrong.

10. Impulsive

Libra is an impulsive sign, which means they often act on their emotions without thinking about the consequences. They are easily tempted by new experiences and can be quite reckless at times.

Best matches for Libra

Libras are very social creatures and can get along with anyone. 2 Some of the best zodiac compatibility of a Libra are with Gemini, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

1. Libra and Gemini

A Libra and a Gemini are two social signs. They will have an instant connection and will enjoy spending time together. 1

Both signs are also very curious and love to learn new things, so they will never get bored with each other. Gemini is also a very forgiving sign, which is important to Libra, who can be self-pitying at times.

Find out more about the Gemini-Libra compatibility in this comprehensive article.

2. Libra and Aries

A Libra and an Aries are very similar in terms of their personalities. Both signs are social, cooperative, peaceful, and self-pitying.

They will be each other’s best support system and cheerleaders, helping each other through hard times with understanding and compassion.

Read more about the Libra-Aries compatibility in this comprehensive article.

3. Libra and Leo

A Libra and a Leo are both creative signs, so they will have no problem engaging in the same hobbies and interests. They will be able to stimulate each other’s minds with their imaginative ideas, making them excellent partners for artistic pursuits.

Learn more about how a Libra and a Leo would be the perfect match in this Libra-Leo compatibility.

4. Libra and Sagittarius

A Libra and a Sagittarius are both generous, fun-loving signs. They will be able to have a lot of laughs together and enjoy spending time exploring new places and trying new things.

The two signs also share similar temperaments, making them very compatible in relationships.

Find out how the Libra-Sagittarius relationship fares in this Libra-Sagittarius compatibility guide here.

Worst matches for Libra

While a Libra can create a connection with many people, there are still some zodiac signs that a Libra would have a problem getting along with. These zodiac signs are Cancer and Capricorn.

1. Libra and Cancer

A Libra and a Cancer are both moody signs, which means they can have a hard time getting along. They will often clash due to their different personalities and ways of communicating.

Neither sign will be willing to compromise or give in, which can make it difficult for them to find common ground.

Discover more about the Cancer-Libra compatibility and how you can make it work.

2. Libra and Capricorn

A Libra and a Capricorn are two very different signs. Libra are social butterflies and cooperative while Capricorn is responsible and disciplined.

Capricorn will often be too serious for Libra, who likes to enjoy life and have fun. Capricorn may also find Libra to be frivolous and irresponsible.

Learn more about the Capricorn-Libra compatibility and how you can make it work.

Frequently asked questions about the Libra compatibility

1. What month is Libra?

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is represented by the scales. Libra’s are born between September 23rd and October 22nd.

2. What is a Libra?

A Libra is a sign of the zodiac characterized by balance, cooperation, and social engagement. They are usually easygoing and friendly, but can also be moody and prone to self-pitying at times. They get along well with many different types of people and make great partners in relationships.

3. What element is Libra?

Libra is an air sign. This means that Libras are intellectual, social, and imaginative. They also tend to be very creative and excel in artistic pursuits.

4. What planet rules Libra?

The planet that rules Libra is Venus. This means that Libras are charming, romantic, and love to socialize with others. They also tend to be attracted to beauty in all forms, whether it’s art, nature, or people.

5. What is a Libra’ spirit animal?

The Libra’s spirit animal is the raven. This works out because they are both intelligent and skilled communicators, as well as being social, cooperative, and creative. The raven also represents Libra’s darker side, which can manifest in their moodiness and self-pitying tendencies.

6. What type of sign is Libra?

Libra is a cardinal sign. This means that Libras are natural leaders and are always looking for new ways to grow and improve. They are also very adaptable and can easily adjust to different situations.

7. What sign is compatible with Libra?

Libra is compatible with air and fire signs, as well as some earth signs. These include Gemini, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Virgo. They can also get along well with Aquarius but may struggle to form a connection with water signs like Cancer or Pisces.

8. Who should a Libra marry?

A Libra should marry a sign that is compatible with them. This includes air and fire signs, as well as some earth signs. These include Gemini, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Virgo.

9. Who is a Libra soulmate?

A Libra soulmate is someone who understands and appreciates their need for balance and harmony. They are also someone who is easygoing and fun-loving, as well as being intelligent and creative.

Additionally, a Libra soulmate should be someone who is willing to compromise and work together to solve problems.

10. Are Libras loyal?

Yes, Libras are typically very loyal and dedicated partners in relationships. They value trust and honesty, which makes them committed and devoted to their loved ones.

However, they can also be moody and temperamental at times, which may make it difficult for them to remain faithful if they feel betrayed or let down by their partner.

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